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Would you like a major brand kitchen with no budget problems?

The major changes under way today are affecting many areas of society worldwide. Home furniture buying and use habits are changing. Many categories of consumers are becoming more price-conscious, and are demanding genuine performance, services, real quality, style and innovation. 

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Four models for a program that includes a number of solutions that meet the needs of the majority of consumers
and simplify the selection and design procedure

Scavolini Easy is a line of fitted kitchens designed and produced by Scavolini to offer young consumers, experiencing both the excitement and the problems of furnishing their first home and very aware of value for money, kitchens of genuine quality, manufactured and guaranteed by a top company, at an amazingly affordable price.

Cucina Urban


It is a model with the restrained style typical of functional kitchens: the plain, almost bare lines of the doors and horizontal surfaces form units with simple forms, interrupted only by the handle.
Apart from its simple, square doors, its key features include shelves and, the basis for attractive alternations of solid blocks and open sections. Tall and wall units of different heights and shaped peninsulas provide for compositions that fit cleverly into spaces, almost as if tailor-made units.The range of lacquered and melamine finishes focuses on white, the key colour in minimalist design. However, shelves and units with a touch of colour and Wood Melamine finishes belie the kitchen’s severity and allow scope for imagination and originality.
The result is a well-structured modular kitchen with an impressive overall impact: the genuine Scavolini look.


Urban Minimal, a large simple kitchen

A kitchen corner in an open-space room that includes a multi-purpose living area. For people who still choose to dedicate time and space to cooking, even though their kitchen and living area share the same room.
Urban Minimal is a strikingly attractive solution. The lack of handles makes the base and wall units less obviously “kitcheny” in style and enables the units and larders to dialogue more closely with the living area, creating a greater stylistic unity. What’s more, the handle groove is a feature that fits perfectly into the current trend towards a simpler furnishing style.

Cucina Urban


Cucina Urban

Colony, a modern reworking of classical style

Colony is a model vaguely romantic in taste. This is reflected above all in the doors, with a slight frame merging into the central panel designed in a slender trim. The slightly arched handles provide a firm grip and also recall the kitchens of days gone by, such as country kitchens.
With Colony, the Scavolini Easy line opens out to allow a little nostalgia for a number of traditional stylistic features such as the framed door. But here, the framed door is simplified, with no rounding or ornamentation, to meet the taste of young consumers or fit more effectively into a home in the country, where closeness to nature combines with a preference for more modem styles. The assortment of finishes and colours also underlines a preference for this design language, firmly rooted in the present in spite of its glances back towards the past.


Highland, The tradition of country homes with new simplicity and elegance

The reference to the country kitchen tradition is clear but Highland makes more concessions to tradition: the trim linking the door frame to the central panel is slightly rounded, and Wood is this model’s exclusive finish.
However, the plain central panel places Highland in the up-to-date, modern “country” category and the reference to classical stylistic features is restrained, without excessive ornamentation, and the colours and finishes are modern, with Donan and Tioram Larch Melamine.

Cucina Urban

Urban&Urban Minimal

Design by Vuesse

  • The modern, practical kitchen

    A major brand kitchen with no budget problems. In each of its details Urban reflects the lines of a fashionable wall-to-wall modular kitchen. Its style is simple. Even the range of lacquered and melamine finishes focuses on white, the key colour in minimalist design. However, shelves and units with a touch of colour and Wood Melamine finishes belie the kitchen’s severity and allow scope for imagination and originality. But choice of finish aside, Urban aims to provide a completely functional, practical solution to the needs of the kitchen as a working area. Easy-clean materials and modularity that allows the correct location of all working areas in and around the kitchen. In other words, everything you can ask of a top brand kitchen, but at a surprisingly low price.

2257 t Vuesse4Vuesse

Vuesse Design is the Research & Development Dept. of Scavolini

Colours and stains

Our range is available in the following variants; presented doors, handle grooves and open-fronted units.

White      Blue      Yellow      Cream      Larch



Recommendations for a complete, efficient, inexpensive kitchen





The download, which follow contain a large number of suggestions for creating the kitchen best suited to your needs.
These solutions derive from observation of a large number of real projects and installations,
in which the aim has been to optimise both appearance and performance,
at the lowest possible price.




Scavolini Easy, a great solution even for living area

Design & Style 

To enjoy at your best the life around your kitchen

Cooking, eating and spending time in the living area pleasantly.
Easy living shares your house style, between kitchen and living-room for a coordinated furniture,
suitable to all your needs.

Easy Living

 Great distinguishing features for small housing spaces


Easy Living

When the kitchen is part of the living-room or the two rooms live together, you can complete your furniture with elements or base-units with side panels to match the doors to form stand-alone units. Properly used, shelves and wall units can feature an excellent effect in the living-area.


The living-room furnishings can be easily combined with base and wall units, giving a multifunctional open space a coordinated, uniform stylistic character. In this solution, the transition from the kitchen to the living area is emphasised by the Royal Blue colour of the openfronted units, which give the living zone of the composition a brighter, more carefree mood in spite of its formal continuity.

Easy Living

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